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Introduction of after finishing technology (1)

1. Concept

After finishing the fabric is endowed with colour effect, morphological effect (bright and clean, suede, crisp, etc.) and actual effect (waterproof, felting, wash and wear, decay, fire resistant, etc.) technology treatment, fabric finishing is the main method to improve the fabric through chemical or physical look and feel, improve performance or gives the technological process of the special features, Is the textile “icing on the cake” processing process.

Post-finishing methods can be divided into physical/mechanical finishing and chemical finishing. According to the purpose and effect of post-finishing, it can be divided into basic finishing, appearance finishing and functional finishing.

Post finishing purpose

  • Make textile width neat and uniform, size and shape stability. Such as fixed (pull), mechanical or chemical shrinkage, wrinkle and heat setting, etc.
  •  Improve the appearance of textiles: including improving the gloss and whiteness of textiles, enhancing or weakening the wool on the surface of textiles. Such as whitening, calendering, electrifying, aven, grinding, shearing and shrinkage, etc.
  • Improve textile feel: mainly use chemical or mechanical methods to make textiles soft, smooth, plump, stiff, thin or thick and other comprehensive touch feeling. Such as softness, stiffness, weight gain, etc.
  • Improve the durability of textiles: mainly using chemical methods to prevent sunlight, atmosphere or microbial damage or erosion of the fiber, prolong the service life of textiles. Such as moth – proof, mildew – proof finishing.
  •  Endow textile with special properties: including making the textile have certain protective properties or other special functions. Such as flame retardant, antibacterial, water repellent, oil repellent, ultraviolet and antistatic.

The development of fabric finishing technology is oriented towards functional, differentiated and high-end products, diversified and in-depth processing technology, and emphasizes on improving the wearability of products and increasing the added value of products. In recent years, we constantly introduce and draw lessons from various new technologies from other technical fields (such as low-temperature plasma treatment, biological engineering, ultrasonic technology, electron beam radiation treatment, inkjet printing technology, microcapsule technology, nanotechnology, etc.) to improve the processing depth and obtain good finishing products. As human beings pay more and more attention to environmental pollution and destruction, they pay more and more attention to health and advocate “low-carbon” economy. Post-finishing technology requires environmental “green” processing to produce “clean” and “low-carbon” textile products.

Basic finishing methods for fabrics

The finishing method of stabilizing size, improving appearance, improving feel and optimizing performance, the finishing method of making fabric multi-functional and high added value, the finishing method of making fabric high-grade, and the finishing method of meeting special requirements.

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