How to Improve The Shrinkage of Viscose

It is a versatile fabric used mainly for clothes such as blouses, dresses and jackets. Viscose is not only for clothes but is also used in the manufacturing of upholstery, bedding, carpets, cellophane and even sausage casing!

Six steps to do fabric dyeing and finishing before treatment

Greige often contains a certain amount of impurities, such as companion organisms of cellulose fiber (wax, pectin, nitrogen, ash, natural pigment, and cottonseed shell, etc.), oil agent on chemical fiber, oil agent imposed or sticky in the textile process, warp size during weaving, etc.

Introduction of after finishing technology (1)

After finishing the fabric is endowed with colour effect, morphological effect (bright and clean, suede, crisp, etc.) and actual effect (waterproof, felting, wash and wear, decay, fire resistant, etc.) technology treatment, fabric finishing is the main method to improve the fabric through chemical or physical look and feel, improve performance or gives the technological process of the special features, Is the textile “icing on the cake” processing process.

Introduction of after finishing technology (2)

Various after finishing processes:
Preshrinkage is the process of physically reducing the shrinkage of fabric after soaking in water to reduce the shrinkage rate. Mechanical pre-shrinkage is the fabric first by steam or spray to wet, and then by mechanical extrusion, so that the warp wave height increases, and then by loose drying.