Without dyeing and finishing processing directly from the loom down the fabric is referred to as the original loomstate or greige.

Greige often contains a certain amount of impurities, such as companion organisms of cellulose fiber (wax, pectin, nitrogen, ash, natural pigment, and cottonseed shell, etc.), oil agent on chemical fiber, oil agent imposed or sticky in the textile process, warp size during weaving, etc.

These impurities, oil, dirt if not removed, not only affect the color and feel of the fabric, but also affect the color fastness of the fabric dyeing. Therefore, whether bleaching, dyeing or printing products, generally have to practice bleaching processing.

The scouring and bleaching of cotton fiber fabrics generally include preparation of raw cloth, singeing, desizing, scouring, bleaching, opening, water rolling, drying, and mercerization processes.

Objective: To remove all kinds of impurities and oil stains in the fiber, improve the appearance of the fabric and improve the intrinsic quality of the fabric.

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