What is Siro Spun?

The yarn has a structure similar to the plied yarn, with less hairiness, which makes the fabric look smooth, feel smooth, soft, elastic, resistant to friction, and breathable. It has become the yarn used for weaving high-grade fabrics.

Sirospun is a spinning method of spinning yarns similar to the yarn structure on the traditional ring spinning machine. Two roving yarns with a certain distance are fed on the spinning machine, and after drafting, the two single yarn spinners are output from the front roller with a small amount of twist on the single yarn spinners due to the transfer of twist. It is then further twisted into a similar yarn, which is wound on the bobbin.

Siro spinning and twisting spinning, known as A, B yarn.

The advantages of Siro spinning

Yarn structure and properties of Siro spinning

Siro spinning yarn structure

Yarn forming properties of Siro spinning

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